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Is your roof flat or sloping? Does it face south or east? Are there trees, chimneys or other structures to shade? These and other issues must be considered when one is installing a home solar system. The contractor you hire to install solar panels with solar panel wall mounting brackets will review your energy use and recommend the correct size of your solar power system, detailing the number of photovoltaic (PV) modules to be installed and which area of the roof. It is easy to determine the scale of the domestic solar power system. By providing your address and your average monthly utility bill, you can get the actual price of solar panels and inverters, the most critical part of the solar power system, and provide you with estimated installation costs based on thousands of completed solar projects in your area. They will even provide you with an estimated buyback period, where the power saved by your solar panels covers the purchase of solar panels in your home, and your system is free. In addition, they will connect you to their installation network to make your home as solar powered as possible. The panel and solar panel wall mounting brackets should face south, assuming you install it in the northern hemisphere. The tilt angle of the panel should be equal to the latitude of the ground. This will help optimize energy output. In some cases, however, horizontal installation may be better. If you install more than one panel in a series, all panels should have the same rating and preferably from the same manufacturer. The panel shall be installed in a shadow-less location. Only one solar panel in the shade can stop the entire panel from working. Also, when you install solar panels, make sure that shading doesn't change with the seasons or the future of your neighbor. The installation must be strong enough to withstand the maximum wind load at a given location. The best way to deal with the installation is to hire a licensed solar contractor who will obtain permits from the utility company and your municipality. Installation personnel should also be familiar with the system size and grid connection limitations. Installers should also recommend the best type of solar panels to meet your energy needs. There are two main types of solar panels: mono-crystalline silicon solar panels and poly-crystalline silicon solar panels. The main difference between the two is the color, single (black) poly (blue). They all have different power ratings and appearances. The whole installation process is about two days on average, and then you need to get permission from the power company to turn on your home solar power system and start generating your own electricity. When installing solar panels, it is also important to remember to consider using an area on the roof where there is considerable space to add more solar panels in the future. Solar panels should last more than 25 years, during which time, a lot of things will happen.



If you have a roof rack, or you can install a roof rack such as solar panel wall mounting brackets, bolt the solar panels to it;


ゴム屋根があるならば、Z -ブラケットとラップジョイントシーラントのネジを使ってください;

あなたが曲がった屋根を持っているならば、柔軟なパネルとVHB / Eternabondテープを使ってください(または、それに屋根ラックを置いて、パネルを設置する方法を見つけてください);

最後に、別の方法が挙げられる。あなたの屋根が水によって損害を受けるか、崩壊するならば、または、あなたがRVについて気にかけないならば、若干のZ -ブラケットと長いボルト/フェンダーワッシャーをパネルをインストールするために使ってください。これはシーラントを必要とし、非常に醜いでしょうが、それは安全でしょう。屋根の上部と下部にフェンダーワッシャーを使用してください。あなたは天井にボルトを持っているでしょう、しかし、あなたの屋根も飛ぶ限り、ソーラーパネルは飛びません。私の知る限り、RVでホームレスになって屋根を修理できない人がいます。わかりました。ちょうどあなたの太陽電池パネルが飛んでいないし、人々を殺すことを確認します。


If your solar panel contractor recommends that horizontal solar panels are the best choice for your solar needs, you do not need a special inverter. Regardless of the direction of the solar panel and solar panel wall mounting brackets, the working principle of the solar panel inverter is the same. Your contractor will be able to share the number of inverters required to convert solar energy into household electricity, depending on the number of solar panels installed.




私はまた、固定傾斜、調節可能な傾斜、または太陽トラッカーのインストールを持つことができます。太陽トラッカーは、最も効果的です。それは太陽のエネルギーのほぼ100 %をキャプチャし、空の太陽の動きを追跡(ああ、はい!)!もちろん、これはすべてのインストールとメンテナンスの最も高価なコストです。

これは私に固定傾斜または調節可能な傾きを与えます。正直にするには、収集されたすべての情報を調整するだけでわずかな優位性(約4 - 6 %)固定以上。